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Release date:
1 May, 2014



Official Press Release:
This smoke pole makes disposing your cigarette an adventure

HILVERSUM, Netherlands - May 1, 2014 – It’s time to create and develop new ways of dealing with current societal problems. This smoke pole is an example of combining idealism with a touch of fun to change people’s behavior for the better.

This interactive pole called Fumo was created by Dutch/Turkish design studio ioglo in cooperation with Sue id. The idea ignited when Fumo’s designers were walking through their hometown and spotted someone picking up an empty soda can. The sidewalk was polluted with cigarette butts that -unlike the can- didn’t even received a glimpse. And so they began to wonder: “why is there a growing sense of awareness when it comes to garbage, while cigarette litter is still so unaddressed?”.

Fumo addresses this problem the other way around; instead of punishing littering, it rewards disposing. Each time a cigarette is tossed in, an energetic tune starts to play for 5 – 10 seconds and 56 LED’s start to perform a lively choreography to the music. The tune will vary per disposal as the smoke pole contains over 50 sound samples, ranging from a joyous gospel choir performance to Homer Simpsons ‘D’oh!’.

Although this version of Fumo was created for public spaces, its potential reaches beyond festival venues or city squares. “Each Fumo is hand-crafted, creating an opportunity of becoming a platform, optimized for each context,” Raymond Reints of ioglo explains. “Following iterations can be designed differently (e.g., shape, color, audio samples, functions), making Fumo suitable for parks, shopping malls, cinemas, train stations, theme parks or even hospitals,” he continues.

It’s not an earth-shattering insight that fun can be used as a tool for altering behavior. But creating technology that continues to surprise, makes it worth remembering and revisiting.


About ioglo: We are a design agency based in The Netherlands and Turkey. We know it sounds big, but our team consists out of only 3 people. We have an office the size of a tree hut and also work in somebody else’s workshop every now and then. Next to a terrible sense of humor, we have an insatiable passion for building adventures. To us, an adventure means an exciting and very unusual experience. This definition is the fundament of our interactive installations. We like to think of our adventures as a marriage between communication and playfulness.

We’d like to thank HKU University of the Arts Utrecht for their support during development.

Video: http://youtu.be/eutUgxIqHRY
Phone: -Raymond- +316 1466 1611
Contact: raymond@ioglo.com

Click here for a Dutch version of the press release.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Shortlisted for final judging for Red Dot Award: Design Concept2014." Hilversum, 03 May, 2014
  • "Nominated for Young Talent Spin Awards." Hilversum, 24 Januari, 2014

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About ioglo

We are a design agency based in The Netherlands and Turkey. We don't do technology, we build adventures.

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Fumo - Interactive Smoke Pole Credits

Raymond Reints, Mikail Pehlivan, Tristan Hupe, Micah Kessel

Raymond Reints, Mikail Pehlivan
Art Direction / Technical implementation / Interaction Design

Zebracat Productions
Sound Design

HKU University of the Arts Utrecht

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