Project Description

Fumo is an interactive smoker’s pole celebrates each cigarette-disposal with a cheerful audiovisual show, consisting of a witty sound sample and a light tube that dances a choreography on the music.
It was installed on Villiers Street, the second busiest street in London for the anti-littering campaign #NeatStreets initiated by start-up charity Hubbub and sets an example of how we can solve societal issue’s by utlizing ‘Fun’ rather than correction. Apart from the wide range publicity it received on the street, Fumo got featured on reputable news channels such as Wired, Metro and Discovery Channel.
Over 300.000 by passers have seen the invention on Villiers street, London. The campaign video was seen over 35.000 times on YouTube and Fumo was featured on Discovery Channel’s Daily Show, which was broadcasted on May 2015 in America

Project Details


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