ioglo is a professional design firm, trusted by small and large clients for the creation of memorable campaigns.

We don’t do technology, we build campaigns

At ioglo, we don’t think of campaigns as passive messages, but an opportunity to truly connect with people. We do so, by crafting extraordinary experiences for public spaces, utilizing technology or actors. The striking and unconventional characteristics of our campaigns generate genuine attention and create lasting memories.

We have crafted memorable experiences for the following companies and organizations.


Our interactive experiences invite people to become engaged with a message instead of merely seeing it. We believe that people should be actively involved in any kind of communication from any kind of company or organization. After all, a relationship is never built by a monologue, but always with interaction: experiencing things together.

Using technology or actors, we create campaigns for public spaces. The goals range from raising awareness for societal problems to generating as much publicity as possible for a brand, product or service. A well-chosen location can bring the campaign a direct potential audience of tens of thousands of people, which can be increased by sharing a striking campaign video on the right online channels.

Truly Green Christmas Tree

The combination of a carefully picked location and an unconventional campaign vouch for a high local reach. In the past, we created the Truly Green Christmas Tree, a campaign for sustainable energy that had a local reach of over 200.000 unique viewers:


The integration of a tightly directed campaign video into the right digital channels, can increase the reach by hundreds of thousands of viewers. Fumo, our interactive smoker’s pole, sets a perfect example. Apart from the 36.000 viewers of the YouTube video, Discovery Channel Canada made an item and broadcasted it on Canadian national television during Canada’s most popular science show, Daily Planet. This brings the estimated digital reach to 285.000 viewers.


Finding the right all-round formula is key to a successful campaign. Striking build-up, a suitable campaign and result-driven post communication. We create and advise throughout the whole process, from pre/post production to the campaign that brings everything to life. The pre/post production can consist of a website, sharable images, a striking campaign video and/or advice on the best ways to share content.

Our in-house production team will craft the campaign which will take the shape of either an advanced technological installation or an extraordinary act:

These channels previously featured our campaigns.


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